Wild Youth

No doubt a band currently in the midst of a stratospheric ascendance, Wild Youth have exploded onto the scene with their infinitely catchy and buoyant brand of indie-pop. Homegrown, humble fun is the main preoccupation of the Irish quartet–comprised of lead vocalist David Whelan, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Conor O'Donohoe, lead guitarist Ed Porter and drummer Callum McAdam. A penchant for “sad bangers”, aka blood-pounding choruses, heart-stompingly gorgeous melodies, and deft lyricism, means it is music designed to fill huge arenas or to be heard crackling out over a sun-soaked festival stage. The band have shared the stage with and supported the likes of Mumford & Sons, Niall Horan, The Script, and Zara Larsson on arena-sized shows, also attracting huge crowds to their festival slots across Ireland and the UK, and even playing the likes of the Royal Albert Hall and selling out multiple shows in Dublin’s legendary Olympia Theatre.

Their talent for hit-making has been certified since the very start when their soaring debut single “All Or Nothing” went viral in the Spotify charts in Ireland. But it wasn’t until they dropped their shoulder-shaking heartbreak hit “Can’t Move On”, that they exhibited their potential for being big players on the music circuit, dominating the airwaves to become the most played song on Irish radio in 2018. Next up was their dancefloor filler “Next To You”, a euphoric 80s-steeped soundscape, packed with glittering hooks and inspired by the all-too-universal idea of immediate romance. This was followed during the pandemic years by a series of cool singles including “Through The Phone”, “Champagne Butterflies” and “Live Without You”. But of course the BIG news for 2023 was the band being selected as Ireland’s entry for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool this coming May, with their song “We Are One”, an anthem about unity and celebrating diversity. Giving the band exposure to millions of new viewers across Ireland, the UK and Europe, it’s a very exciting time for the lads and whatever the result you can be sure by the time they hit the Far West Fest stage on Saturday, 19th August, they will be celebrating another great summer in the life of Wild Youth.

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